Tracey Dalziel-Bush

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Heaven Sent

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Lilia West, like most young professionals, is remarkably well-presented, highly motivated and positively oozes confidence and being a highly proficient killer only adds to that air of self-belief. Fortunately she's been blessed with an extremely compassionate nature.

So when her closest friend is brutally murdered by Ramon Blur, an extremely wealthy businessman she is compelled to seek retribution. And nothing or nobody will stop her from ridding the world of his vile presence.

Unfortunately Ramon isn't your ordinary, run-of-the-mill psychopathic killer and Lilia soon realises that she's  dealing with a being far deadlier than anyone she has ever encountered, for not only does Ramon have a penchant for the macabre he is also the epitome of evil.

Lilia finds herself engulfed in the dark abyss as Ramon tries to take possession of her and he isn't satisfied with just her body either, he wants her soul too. Ensnared she cries to Heaven for salvation and out of nowhere comes Louis, a dark, mysterious being, more powerful than any other creature on earth.

But has Louis delivered Lilia from evil or is he more dangerous to her than Ramon could ever be and if she surrenders to the allure of this breathtakingly handsome, highly delectable, enigmatic stranger will she be in danger of losing more than just her life?