Tracey Dalziel-Bush

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Gender: Female
Occupation:Author and ward clerk at UHA M.A.U
Location:Liverpool, United Kingdom
Introduction:My sisters got me into books, fiction that is, anything from dark thrillers to the Pendle witches, fantasy and of course, paranormal romance. I’ve always had an overactive imagination, yet would never have dreamt of writing a novel, but the story growing in my mind refused to rest. It started out as a hobby - snatching a few hours here and there on a Sunday afternoon - no wonder it took me over two years to finish the first draft - but I was determined to finish it, if only for myself.
My debut novel Heaven Sent is an adult paranormal romance that combines seduction and suspense with the whisper of a supernatural chill.

I was born and raised in Liverpool where I live with my husband, two sons and wolf dog, Simi.

Favourite Books:The Magic Cottage, The Killing Kind, Dracula, Memnock the Devil, Dark Gold, Acheron.
Favourite Films:Young Frankenstein, Running Scared, Wuthering Heights, Snatch, Last of the Mohicans, Meet Joe Black, Ice Age.
Favourite Music:House, Disco and Pop, basically anything that makes you want to get up on that floor. I also share my mum’s love of Al Green.
Interests:Reading, writing, music, Angels, films and music.
Tracey Dalziel-Bush